John E. Morin, CPA


Financial Statements

Our firm offers a full range of financial statement preparation.  Whether it is monthly, quarterly, or annually, we will perform the necessary services to provide  the level of service requested, which includes:

            »      Compilations

            »      Reviews

            »      Audits

We are experienced in many industries, which include:

            »      Real Estate Development

            »      Construction Accounting

            »      Manufacturing

            »      Retail Organizations

            »      Service Organizations

            »      Professional Services

            »      Restaurants and Food Service

Tax Preparation and Representation

             »     Individual

             »     Corporate

             »     Partnership

             »     Fiduciary and Estates

             »     Rooms and meals tax reporting

We are available to represent our clients in federal and state audit examinations to obtain the best outcome available.

Management Advisory Services

The business community needs much more from their CPA in today’s complicated business environment.  We can be an extension of your management team by performing:


How to manage your inventory to reduce high carrying costs, maximize your return on idle funds or pinpoint cash drains.

            »      STRATEGIC TAX PLANNING

We use a professional approach to maximize income tax savings while implementing methods to reduce audit possibilities.

            »      RATIO AND TREND ANALYSIS

We perform budget and variance comparison analyses, as well as comparison with industry trends.  We can pinpoint recurring problem areas in your business.                                                                            

            »      BUSINESS CONSULTING

                           Creative ideas for solving complex issues that may arise in your business model, personnel or succession plan.  We consider qualitative factors influencing your business in addition to quantitative analysis.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

We provide a variety of accounting and bookkeeping services

            »      Help hire and train accounting personnel

            »      Monthly, quarterly, annual cash flow analysis, which can be used to evaluate your Company’s performance

            »      Operational audits for efficiency evaluations

            »      Referral network with many local business people and professionals

            »      Controller Services – We can provide the financial expertise to help run your business.  This service is available to businesses that need an experienced financial controller on a part time or temporary basis